Drying Ovens

Furnace Engineering offers a wide range of Batch or Continuous Ovens for delivering rapid heating rates and excellent temperature uniformity for any processing application.

Applications for the ovens include:

  • By Industry:
    Grains, Nuts, Paper, Wood, Carbon, Metal
  • By Processes:
    Vacuum Ovens, Pre-Heating, Infrared, Driers, Curing, Roasting, Dehydrating, Sterilizing, Drying, Toasting, Mixing, Charring, Steaming

Key features:

  • Ovens can be delivered with variety of air recirculation, horizontal or vertical..
  • Recirculated air enters the chamber through the unique louvre system for even heat distribution.
  • Electric elements are positioned and monitored to ensure uniform temperature environment.
  • Control systems ensure that equipment complied with guidelines
  • Safety control systems with data recording enable rapid commissioning & operation.
  • Chamber sizes, atmospheric environments and oven temperatures can be customised to suit the manufacturing requirements.

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