Vacuum Furnaces

Furnace Engineering supplies the Ipsen USA  range of Vacuum Furnaces for a huge variety of heat treatment processes.
The furnace is designed for cost-effective operation, low energy consumption and low emission.

Applications are:

  • Bright hardening, annealing or tempering
  • Solution annealing, Degassing, Hard and high-temperature soldering
  • Plasma nitriding or carburising
  • Sintering

Key features:

  • Optimum hardness
  • Bright surface
  • Surface free from oxidation and decarburisation
  • Low distortion (for complex geometries)
  • Consistency & high quality
  • Reproducibility
  • Suitable for a wide variety of materials

Different types of horizontal, vertical, single or multi-chamber furnaces are available. They can be fitted with convection-type systems to increase throughput by reducing heat-up time and ensuring optimum temperature homogenity.

The Vacuum Furnaces can be fitted with the Ipsen convective heating system which will reduce heating time by 30% (for convective heat transfer up to 850°C) and shortening subsequent tempering cycles by up to 50%. Further, gas consumption is reduced as quenching gas is used as convective heat transfer medium during tempering.

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