Induction Application Expertise

Furnace Engineering are induction heating and induction melting experts. We design the induction technology for a wide variety of applications.

The latest software is used to simulate many of these applications and predict both the thermal as well as electromagnetic behaviour in steady state or non- steady state during rapid heating. We use this modelling method to understand heating at various power, frequency and time conditions. Efficiency and losses into the cooling water can be accurately predicted.

In addition to the simulation, the requirements in terms of cooling, water properties, harmonics, power factor, and thermal insulation are well understood.


Project Management

Furnace Engineering understand the challenges of project management. To make sure that a project is delivered within defined constraints. To o...

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Collaborative Consultancy

Furnace Engineering offer a wide range of engineering services such as professional assistance in design, engineering and local authority submissions....

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3D Design Service

Furnace Engineering provides Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical CAD design services for creating 3D digital prototypes used in the design, visualization ...

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