Wesmartin Leonda (a Furnace Engineering subsidiary) is the leading manufacturer of industrial ovens suitable for all kinds of food products.

Why choose Wesmartin Leonda?

  • more than 35 years experience designing equipment to the customer’s processes
  • technical support in Australia to minimise downtime
  • solution focused to optimise heating processes and applications
  • quick turn around time – from order to delivery
  • trained and experienced food equipment engineers delivering highest quality equipment
  • product development with our customers
  • equipment constructed from the high grade materials and electrics for reliable and durable operation


Heat Processing Solutions - Food

Batch Ovens

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Continuous Ovens

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Drying Ovens

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Food Ovens

Wesmartin division of Furnace Engineering manufactures specialty industrial...

Infrared Heating Ovens

The Furnace Engineering Infrared Heaters are designed for rapid surface hea...

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