Ageing Ovens

Furnace Engineering manufactures a wide range of Aluminium Extrusion Ageing Ovens which deliver fast heating rate with excellent temperature uniformity. They can be designed with End Flow or Cross Flow air recirculation.

Key features:

  • Robust body, constructed with mild steel and lined with high quality ceramic fibre insulation to increase heating efficiency.
  • Vertically opening doors positioned at the ends of the oven allow full access to the heat chamber.
  • Specially designed louvres for directing recirculated air through the work chamber to evenly direct heated air over the product.
  • Hot boxes provide for heating of the recirculated air ensuring uniform temperature environment
  • Integrated PLC control system will provide safe and correct heat treatment cycles to your preset program.
  • Temperature recorders with connection for trailing thermocouples are provided for maintenance of quality records.

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