Aluminium Extrusion Handling Systems & Auxillaries

Furnace Engineering partnering with Granco Clark offers the unique Aluminium Extrusion System to heat, cool, pull, stretch, handle, cut, stack, and age aluminum extrusions.

The fully integrated systems include aluminium:

  • billet furnaces and log handling
  • hot log saws, hot log shears and billet saws
  • billet taper quenches
  • billet taper heater
  • die heating ovens
  • profile quenching and cooling systems
  • pullers
  • profile handling systems
  • stretchers
  • extrusion cut-off saws
  • profile stacking systems
  • age ovens
  • precision finish saws
  • extrusion management software systems.

All the above automated aluminium extrusion equipment can be customised and deliver exceptional efficiency, productivity and durability.



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