Annealing Furnaces

Furnace Engineering designs & manufactures a wide range of Annealing Furnaces for the heat treatment of various alloys. Annealing furnaces cover a broad range of Steel, Aluminium & Alloy applications including tempering, normalizing, and aging, natural or forced cooling. Continuous or batch furnaces are heated with either electric elements, gas or oil combustion systems.

Key features:

  • Large doors provide full access to the work chamber.
  • Furnace body constructed with high quality mild steel and lined with ceramic fibre insulation to enhance heating efficiency.
  • Specially designed louvres for directing recirculated air through the work chamber to ensure uniform air flow over the product.
  • Hot boxes provide for heating of the recirculated air ensuring uniform temperature environment.
  • Integrated PLC control system provides for safe and correct heat treatment cycles to the pre-set program.
  • Temperature recorders with connections to trailing thermocouples are provided for maintenance of quality records.
  • Inbuilt cooling systems for end of cycle

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