Barrel Melting Furnaces

The new generation tilting or stationary Barrel Furnace is a most effective solution for die casters, foundries and re-melters.

The barrel form of refractory lining is inherently strong, long-lived, and easy to maintain. The fore-hearth design provides preheat to ingots using waste heat recovery. Tilting or non-tilting models. Hydraulic tilting system with lip-axis pouring enables precise pouring control and delivers clean metal from the heart of the melt. Also available with a bale-out well custom engineered to suit a variety of ladle sizes.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Full electrics with automatic temperature controls
  • Swing-aside ingot charging machine (smaller models)
  • Hydraulic power for tilting, charging and door operation
  • Bale-well design available, for dedicated die-casting machine operation
  • Combustion system designed for high heat-transfer efficiency using natural gas, LPG, or oil
  • Special refractory lining designed specifically for low casing temperatures, long life and ease of cleaning

Key features:

  • Melt rate from 200 kg/hr to 1500 kg/hr, depending on requirements
  • Practical, robust and reliable
  • High thermal efficiency & low running costs
  • Low oxide losses yielding clean metal
  • Easy to operate, charge and pour. Easy to clean and maintain.

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