Bogie Hearth Furnaces

The Furnace Engineering Bogie Hearth furnaces are designed to operate up to 1200°C with heating by natural or LP gas, oil combustion systems and electricity. They are most suitable for the heat treatment of large loads in air (e.g. annealing, stress-relieving, normalising)

Key features:

  • large access door  for easy material loading and unloading
  • Available with pulse firing for close temperature control at lower temperatures
  • can be operated with multiple bogies to increase load rate and efficiency
  • constructed from high strength refractory and capable of withstanding harsh conditions.
  • built-in heat resistant steel pedestals to support work baskets.
  • vertical lift door and bogie sealed by pneumatically operated soft seal clamps - prevents ingress of cold air.
  • integrated control system with programmable temperature control and over-heating protection.
  • temperature recorders with thermocouple connectors are provided for recording purposes

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