Burn-Off Furnaces

The clean pyrolysis burn-off process is free of hazardous emission. It is a non-chemical & toxic cleaning process for removing paint & plastic coating on metal parts to support a green, sustainable and healthy environment.  Burn-Off furnaces comply with the strictest environmental guidelines for safe removal of coatings or pollutants from any metal parts.


  • Motor Rewind Industry - stripping electric motor stators, armatures, transformers & field coils without damage to base metal. The cleaning process complies with the Motor Rewind Standards.
  • Paint Jig Cleaning - removal of Paints, Epoxies, Powder Coatings without any mechanical damage or distortion to the products.
  • Plastic Tooling - for pollution-free cleaning use heat to remove Plastics or Polymers from tools such as Spinnerettes, Screen Packs, Breaker Plates, Moulds, Dies, Pumps, Nozzles, Tips, Mixers and Extruder Screws, etc.

Key benefits:

  • eliminates the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents  (chemical solvents)
  • no hazardous chemical handling or costly waste disposal
  • process is completely automatic and the process is labour efficient
  • constructed and tested at the factory to reduce site installation time and costs
  • equipped with water-spray system for control of smoke emission and over-heat
  • no damage to parent metal when compared to mechanical cleaning processes that use scrapers, wire brushes, drills or blow torches
  • efficient incineration of smoke and gases during cleaning
  • pollution free - heat process removal of thermal degradable coatings or organic materials from metal parts
  • recorder provides evidence of work done
  • Unique microprocessor control system with touch-screen interface for easy control setting and diagnostic review functions
  • complies with stringent environmental regulations
  • operates on either LP Gas, Natural Gas or light fuel oil.
  • Over 100 units in Australia and New Zealand.  Over 4000 units worldwide.

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