Carbon Fibre Curing Ovens

AEROCLAVE™ Out-of-Autoclave Ovens.

The Furnace Engineering designed AEROCLAVE™ Composite Curing Oven offers enhanced temperature uniformity and shorter cycle times when curing light weight composite parts, which are typically made on a large and heavy forming tool. The ovens are manufactured in line with with strict industry guidelines for heat processing, including for Carbon Fibre Curing of Aircraft components.

The unique features include:

  • CFD-modelled air delivery system to optimise airflow for fast, uniform heating and cooling
  • Staged heating system for close temperature uniformity
  • Vacuum control system and pass-throughs
  • Suitable for resin-infusion/injection or pre-preg processes
  • Sophisticated data logging of the curing process
  • AMS2750D compliance

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