Crucible Furnaces Furnaces

Furnace Engineering supplies Crucible Furnaces for melting and holding of light metals (e.g. Aluminium, Zinc, Magnesium)

Key Features

  • The range starts from a small 1 litre bench top furnace up to the large 400 litre capacity furnace.
  • Larger capacity alloy-crucible furnaces for magnesium or zinc
  • The furnace can electrically heated, gas or light-oil fired.
  • The furnace heats around the crucible to ensure good temperature uniformity of the melt.
  • The high grade insulation in the furnace results in low casing temperature, energy efficiency and long life.
  • The furnace floor is sloped to an emergency run-out port minimising damage to the furnace in the event of crucible damage.
  • Temperature control system monitors both the chamber and melt to prevent thermal cycling.

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