Enamelling Furnaces

Enamelling Furnace

Custom designed to suit a variety of products that require a vitreous enamel coated surface including:

  • Hot water system vessels
  • Cook ware
  • Whitegoods
  • Architectural panels
  • Signage

Key Features

  • Thermally efficient with incorporated heat recovery
  • Flue gases can also be used for pre-drying
  • Modular design
  • Integrated overhead conveyor system
  • Automatic product transfer systems
  • Control system provides production optimization

Furnace Engineering continuous enamelling furnaces operate according to the principle of heat interchange between the outgoing hot and the incoming cold product. A high proportion of the process energy is recovered for heating up the incoming product. This is further increased by the use of forced convection in the final stages of preheating.

 Heating System

The quality of the enamelled product as well as the cost of maintenance and repair of the furnace is largely determined by the design of its heating system.  Delta or p-type radiant tubes with recuperative burners are installed in this furnace to ensure excellent enamelling as well as achieving low running and maintenance costs.

The advantages of this system as compared with other types of heating are as follows:

  • The tube is manufactured from special heat resistant alloy for durability and can be withdrawn from inside of the furnace.
  • The burners, supplied with integrated recuperator, have a low flue gas temperature, resulting in reduced energy consumption.
  • The temperature uniformity on the tube surface improves tube life and heat transfer.

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