Fire Test Furnaces

Furnace Engineering manufactures a wide range of Fire Test Furnaces capable of testing Vertical and Horizontal test specimens to:

  • AS1530 Pt 4 (or BS476 Pt 20 / ISO 834) Cellulose (or standard) and Hydrocarbon fire curves, as well as Modified Hydrocarbon (HCM),
  • RABT-ZTV (Train and Car) fire curves.
  • Automated PLC control, incorporating customised software data-reporting package
  • Adjustment of fire test parameters in real time
  • Ability to configure customer-specific fire curves for automatic control
  • Automatic data-reporting package
  • Continuous data trending of Furnace Pressure, Furnace Thermocouple and Specimen Thermocouple data
  • Real time calculation and trending of Fire Curve Severity

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