Food Ovens

Wesmartin division of Furnace Engineering manufactures specialty industrial ovens suitable for all kinds of food products.

Why choose Wesmartin?

  • more than 35 years experience matching products to the customer’s processes
  • technical support in Australia to minimise downtime
  • solution focused to optimise heating processes and applications
  • highly trained and experienced food equipment designers and engineers deliver highest quality equipment
  • product development with our customers – working side by side with our engineers
  • equipment constructed from the highest grade materials and electronic controls for reliable and long lasting operation

Types of Wesmartin equipment installed at food manufacturers:

  • Kelloggs – cereal dryer
  • George Weston – breadcrumb oven
  • Smith’s – snack food baking
  • Sanitarium – cereal cooker & dryer
  • Woods Grains – grains drying
  • Marvel Packers – potato chip drying
  • Friskies – pet biscuit baking, pet food oven
  • Sunrice – puff rice cooler
  • Golden Circle – vegetable grilling oven


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