Induction Heating Systems & Auxillaries

Furnace Engineering provides heating solutions. Induction heating is just one of many heating technologies that can be offered. Induction offers unique advantages for a wide range of applications. By way of example, we have experience in the following typical applications:


  • Forging
  • End heating
  • Pipe heating for bending
  • Annealing
  • Hardening – scanning and single shot
  • Shrink Fitting Bearings – Button Bits
  • Brazing
  • Research
  • Nano Particle Heating
  • Wire & Strip Heating
  • De-Bonding (e.g. brake shoes)
  • Pyrolising (Burning off paint)                                                                        
  • Paint & Coating curing eg  pipes                                                                  
  • Carbide tipping of blades and drills                                                               
  • Pre-heating e.g. Welding

The full list of applications is too vast to list and in some cases the application is so novel or sensitive they cannot be published. We are application specialists. Thermal and electromagnetic modelling can be carried out on most enquiries enabling the outcome to be anticipated well before purchase.

Choice of Power Supply
Having had experience in design and fabrication of induction heating equipment spanning many years, Furnace Engineering has built up a respect and trust in certain power supply types and manufacturers for different applications. Consequently in most cases, the most cost effective and appropriate power supply is sourced from our trusted industry partners whilst we engineer the application and provide the local support. In this way the client enjoys local support combined with access to modern, efficient and appropriate equipment from a proven and reputable power supply manufacturer.
Furnace Engineering is proud to be able to offer the Ambrell range of induction heaters for a wide range of typical induction heating applications.

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