Laboratory Ovens

Furnace Engineering offers our customers a complete range of Laboratory Ovens.

Applications for laboratory ovens include:

  • Annealing, Pre Heating, Glass Heat Soak, Heat Treatment
  • Stress Relieving, Bake Out, Plastic Processing
  • Burn-in Semiconductor Wafer, Photovoltaic, Dehydrating
  • Curing: Optical Lens, Surgical Device, Photoresist, Composite
  • Drying: (Sand Core, Granulation, Fibre Optics)

Key features:

  • Close temperature uniformity
  • Clean environment HEPA filtered (class 100) option
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Large range of standard models

A complete range of chamber sizes, atmospheric environments and oven maximum temperatures are available to best suit our customers requirements from a range of international suppliers.


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