Research Furnaces - UHT Furnaces

Applications: Research size single tow carbon fibre graphitising furnace.


  • Rapid Purge
  • Leak Check Capability
  • Smart Curtain
  • Water Cooled Case
  • PLC Control Panel
  • Stand Alone Capability
  • Fibre Optic Temperature Measurement

Our designs draw on 40 years experience as a leader in turnkey high-temperature continuous atmosphere controlled furnaces.

Our team supports installations around the world.

Furnace Engineering can also provide furnaces for:

  • Carbon Fibre Research and Development
  • Pilot Scale Carbon Fibre Furnaces
  • Production Carbon Fibre Furnaces


Temperatures - in excess of 2500 degrees C

Hot Zone - approx 200mm

Power - 30kW 415 V 3 Phase

Muffle Internal Diameter - 50mm

Inert Gas - ultra high purity of argon

Water Cooling

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