Reverberatory Melting & Holding Furnaces

Furnace Engineering designed and installed a significant number of Aluminium Reverberatory Melting/Holding Furnaces in Australia, NZ and SE Asia.  Some unique design features that have made the furnace so robust and long-lasting.

  • Refractory Design - Robust & strong to withstand the chamber environment of high temperatures, mechanical impact from charging & cleaning and resist corundum build up minimised to reduce energy consumption.
  • Door Sealing - An essential component for maintaining pressure and reducing cold air into the furnace.
  • Pressure Control - Ensures that the furnace chamber is held at an optimal pressure at all times.
  • Combustion System - Recuperative burners, Regenerative burners or Oxy/Fuel burners are the most efficient combustion technology used today.
  • Control Systems - Data gathering and analysing devices to optimise the furnace operation and ensuring work safety.
  • Options - metal stirring system, side wells & liquid metal filling ports.

Key features:

  • Reduced energy consumption and environmental design.
  • A wide range of aluminium holding capacities. Non Ferrous Metal Recycling - Reverberatory Melting/Holding Furnaces
  • Tilting or stationary with tap-out mechanism.
  • Oil, Gas fuel fired combustion system.
  • Positive pressure control.
  • From simple PLC to complex computer control systems.
  • Charging door for dry or preheated materials.

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