Rotary Melting Furnaces

Furnace Engineering's Dross Rotary Furnaces are the "Rotating Closed Well" type, combining the advantages of rotaries, reverbs and dry-hearth furnaces in a single unit. Applications for Rotary Furnaces are: Melting of Zinc & Aluminium and Smelting of Lead, Tin, Bismuth and Rare Earth.

Key features:

  • Melts a wide range of metals and feed-stock including:
  • Dross, Scrap or Foundry Returns
  • Eliminates metal pollution by trace elements
  • Facilitates charge mixing
  • Self-Cleaned lining
  • Low energy consumption and high thermal yields

Other design features:

  • Rotating unions
  • Onboard control panel, power pack & air blower
  • Self supporting chassis
  • Positive & direct drive
  • Vari-gas burner control system
  • New generation temperature control
  • Combustion equipment
  • Air-fuel (gas or oil) burners
  • Oxy-fuel (gas or oil) burners

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