Swarf Remelting Furnaces

The  gas-fired Aluminium Swarf Melting & Holding Furnace is designed for the high efficiency melting of dry aluminium chips for the recycling industry. It is energy efficient, reduces harmful emissions and has many safety features. The complete Remelting Furnace system can include:

  • Feed rate of at least 500 kg/hr.
  • Chip or shredder to cut long strands of swarf.
  • Centrifuge for recycling of cutting fluids.
  • Drier for removal of residual moisture before furnace charging.
  • Handling equipment for transport of chips between each station.
  • Remelt furnace.

Key benefits:

  • Low energy consumption
  • High quality non-wetting refractories provide longer lining life
  • Superior insulation result in low furnace casing temperatures
  • Metal pouring below the bath surface
  • Optional load cell weighing system to control charging and melting sequence
  • Charge well with stirring for complete melting of chips

Furnace Control Panel - The PLC Master Control is fully programmed to control and monitor: Chamber & Bath temperature, Stirring control and Gas consumption

Combustion System - The burner system is designed utilising medium speed burners with integrated ignition and ionisation control. Furnace Doors - Robust construction with selected insulating materials for maintaining excellent seal when closed and easy access for cleaning.

Charge Well - The furnace includes a compact charge well designed to ensure that chips are drawn into the melt and not oxidised on the surface of the melt.

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